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The Winter Hare Presents… “Songs For Summer!”


music plays here .



The Winter Hare assumed the very character of Winter, showing naught but contempt and bare-faced disregard for the mid-day sun that so persisted.

He stoked up the fire, poured a glass of brandy, and thought:
as a log cabin caved in, and the mantlepeice was thick with snow…

“How Shall I Ever Live?”
“How Shall I Ever Live?”

Banknotes flew in his direction upon the wind,
(which was strange for an animal with no concept of money.)

the sunlight faded ink
and the million dollar question
on everybody’s lips,

was now solely his to contemplate
over brandy.


Peter and The Hare’s First Birthday Post and Mixtape (or, One of The Hare’s First Years of ‘Being’)


“For The Hare is The P.A.T.H.,
The Light,
The Thing in the Way of The Thing,
(and the lampshade.)”

– Proverb.

Peter And The Hare Are One!

It has been almost exactly a year since Peter and The Hare’s First post, which happened on this day last year. When you first met us, we started Meeting Ourselves, and since then have pursued several treacherous avenues that either went somewhere, or didn’t.

If you have joined us, and have enjoyed us, we are Thankful and we Thank You. If a computer screen and several miles of cyber-fog did not separate us, we would Touch You with all our hearts, which would beat you lovingly into submission. Of course, The Hare may have confused you, and left you as bemused as a mewing, orphaned lamb fed pickles. This is The Hare’s cruel fancy, though he is often kind.

Before I met The Hare, he himself was an orphan – a hare-child; lame and full of Silly.  I could not hope to make him a man, nor a boy, nor a friend, companion, or extraterrestrial f**k-buddy….  I fear he is hellbent on making Orphans of us all. At best, his presence is like carrying around one’s favourite piece of shrapnel in a fanny-pack.


In a year:

I opened the window and had to stop myself from falling.
There were trees… I was quite tired, though.
The shopkeeper added his own money to the till.
The Moon did not have golden syrup.
There was, instead, a pigeon, and many pigeon servants would follow.
There were door-handles…
…and I met Dmitri
…and Dmitri met the Deer Girl
…while I played a lot of Tetris.
The monkey squeaked. The organ squeaked.
We discovered the Internet
…and The Beetles.
There were silverfish.
There was some poetry.

We were Born on the 4th of January. In celebration of this occasion, I have prepared for you a gift that is not mine to give. We saw an mp3 blog once, and thought we’d do that.



Peter And The Hare’s First Birthday Compilation!


  1. To be played in it’s entirety, and in sequence.
  2. Songs for sample only. Shopkeeper’s link’s provided. If you like it, buy it.
  3. The songs won’t be here for long, but if you don’t like a song being here, email me and I’ll remove it.

1 Moondog – Down Is Up Buy
2 Various Production – Took
3 Ham1 – Hare Lipped Bust  Buy
4 Joan Baez – Who Murdered the Minutes? Buy
5 Of Montreal – So Begins Our Alabee Buy
6 Love – The Red Telephone Buy
7 Kevin Ayers – Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong Buy
8 Deerhoof – Spiral Golden Town Buy
09 Spiro – The Sky Is a Blue Bowl Buy
10 Rio En Medio – Tiger’s Ear Buy
11 Wooden Wand – Invisible Children Buy
12 Silver Jews – Animal Shapes Buy
13 The Go! Team – Phantom Broadcast Buy
14 Maher Shalal Hash Baz – What’s Your Business Here Elija? Buy
15 Birdie Busch – Rabbit’s Foot Buy
16 Holy Ghost Revival – Autumn’s Children Buy
17 Mr Fox – Join Us In Our Game Buy
18 Sammy Price/Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Strange Things Happening Every Day Buy
19 The White Stripes – St. Andrew (This Battle Is In The Air) Buy

20 Bonus Track Don’t Buy


Happy Birthday, Everyone! 

Stay Cool, won’t you?