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Letter From The Green Smog

What was 2010? How long ago did it spin? And how did such a thing come to pass?

I demand as many explanations as anyone can reasonably offer!

My mind has rare occasion, occasionally, to return to this unpublished note of imperfection to wonder what it is. It is, by appearance, a letter written by The Hare, to the mysterious Doctor Zi, PXB. See if it holds any interest at all, before we all might return to the very now to accidentally drop our new i smartphones in unison.

The Cabinet of Dr. PXB



Announcements of Subjective Importance (x2)

Peter And The Hare on Lettrs.com

From: Earth
To: Earth
Subject: The World
CC: Christopher Columbus

lettr from earth

Peter And The Hare deliver notes to the world on a new website called Lettrs. Peter is finding it a good complimentary outlet for his more spontaneous attempts at whatever he’s attempting. The platform means that he can enjoy many different types of paper without harassing the stationer, and he has made friends there who are not all rabbits.

“Bertuch-Vegetable-Lamb” by Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch (1747-1822) – File:Bertuch-fabelwesen.JPG. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bertuch-Vegetable-Lamb.png#mediaviewer/File:Bertuch-Vegetable-Lamb.png

“Better Late Than Lately Never!”

“Peter And The Hare’s Fireside Companion” E-book On Google Play Book Store


An E-book Edition of my first illustrated collection of poems and stories, Peter And The Hare’s Fireside Companion, is now available to read on PC and any tablet or smartphone device that can access the Google Play store. It’s a sweetly-priced way of acquiring The Hare’s first conjuring trick. Click the link above  to read a generous sample of the book for free and marvel at how awesomely-quite-cool it could be to support a stranger’s strange art and poetry. Reviews are also welcome.

happy accordion player