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Merriment, Too Good to Hurry

It’s Christmas  and coughing and spluttering on occasion, the occasion being Christmas, but I just said that. The Hare emerges, ironically snow-attired, long ears attuned to the howlings and laughter of the season, to greet, not you personally, but why not? but generally you, generally. Speaking. In an arguably insensitive but well-meaning comedy accent of your choosing. GOOD CHOICE! How dare you. You’ve just spoilt it for everyone now, there’s a tension in the air you could cut with the Brussel sprouts. And stop farting, if possible.

Merry it is here, supping wine, feasting, with family, and the Hare.

Merry chocolate selection box.

Merry Christmas.

Thanks for reading and clicking and showing appreciations in 2016, have an agreeable 2017. I asked you to stop trumping, if possible?

Peter’s been recording a selection of festive poems and spoken word covers and  they’re available to hear here –

It’s About Christmas – Christmas Palsy Spoken Word Album