Being the curious adventures of Peter and sometimes his semi-imaginary Hare.

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I am Peter;

An ordinary Man who – for you, Reader! – withstands the curious. My endless days are made painless by the company of my good friend and Hare.

victorian montageduck-woman.jpg


Written by: Peter Buckley, and The Hare.

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. … And here we hare!

    Thank you for the witty words in my blog, I liked them!
    Your blog seems intertesting too,I will have a deeper look around. But to start with, your “about” is surely the most original I have eevr seen in WordPress…

  2. the images are not mine, I get a lot of stuff from the archive of old books at http://www.gutenberg.org/ often these are so old that rhey are out of copyright, so as far as I know anyone can use them, and anyway some decomposing Victorian gentleman isn’t gonna come a-rappin’ at your door, unless you’re very unlucky…

  3. It is a pleasure to meet you, and I have skimmed some of the front page…I may have to immerse myself deeper, but so far, I have been entertained, and my ears have been perked…If you don’t mind….Im adding you to my blogroll…

  4. The hare will always be quicker and twitchier, I suppose, but I am grateful that Peter has the generosity to share with us. (it’s not often and so often overlooked that eloquence should supercede conformity, I wish more understood that and therefore it is always a bright moment when I can read stuff that is that, this here.) Dammit, making no sense, so I’ll stop now, ha!

  5. I was looking for a print of a pic that hung in my grandmother’s kitchen. When I googled Children peeling potatoes it took me to your site. I cannot find any info about it on your site. Please email me if you have any info.

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