Submissions Wanted for a New Publication – AndThe Project Presents…”Peformance”

Draft Cover For New Magazine

AndThe Project are calling for submissions for a new Chapbook/’zine publication for artists of all kinds inspired by the word, “Performance”.

I’m also asking for comments, suggestions, feedback, and anything to gauge how this sounds to you, whether it’s something you’d like to read/take part in, and pointers for now and in the project’s future.

More information can be found here:

call performance pdf

As well as a cross-discipline art, poetry and prose magazine, it is also intended as way to share insight and advice across all different kinds of experience.

Email me submissions at the stated address, too.  Questions and Enquiries welcome too.

– Peter And The Hare

In case any one has trouble reading the document, click on “Continue Reading”, below:


AndThe Project Presents…
Losing Their Heads – “Performance”


CREATIVE PROMPT: “Performance”

Deadline for Submissions – AUGUST 31st 2014

What does it mean to perform? In any art-form, in spoken word, in life, in sport? Any other conceivable aspect of existence, according to any interpretation of the word? Fast-and-loose or strictly to theme, we are requesting submissions for a new magazine-like publication.

As well as a cross-discipline art, poetry and prose magazine, the publication is intended as way to share insight and advice across all different kinds of experience.

I hope it will be interesting and creatively fulfilling to submit and take part in. I hope to promote energy and creativity across many different fields of activity and expertise, and my greatest wish is that it will boost individual’s career perspectives and offer day-to-day experience a range of perspectives;
reality augmented by another’s ideas and knowledge.

Required – Poems and short prose coming somehow from the word or prompt, “Performance”, any style, persuasion, tone etc.

Visual art on the theme, submitted with title and no more than a paragraph of information about it. Any medium, even your supportive video work online that we can point people to.

Specially Requested – Offerings in any form (Art, thoughts, anecdotes, photos, advice, essays) from people of all whose professions with thoughts on their experience, and what performance means to them. I’d really love these, especially, from people who have never, or don’t regularly offer their thoughts and ideas on the topic publicly.

Space for 1 essay-ish piece of 500-words (approx.) from someone with knowledge and/or career experience of the worlds of motivational speaking, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, or any informative practice, on the topic, “Performance”.

To be economic with space, think “shorter” rather than “longer” for all submissions. PLEASE don’t worry or be offended if some pieces have to be excluded this time, for this project.

Send up to 3 pieces to andtheprojectATgmail . com (Replace AT with @ , without spaces! I’m doing this to avoid automated “spam”) Include your name, email and some biographical information about you and your work. If you submit, I may include you on a mail-out to keep you updated. Payment isn’t being considered at this time. Contributors retain all copyright.Let’s see what this becomes! – Peter (AndTheProject)


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