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Submissions Wanted for a New Publication – AndThe Project Presents…”Peformance”

Draft Cover For New Magazine

AndThe Project are calling for submissions for a new Chapbook/’zine publication for artists of all kinds inspired by the word, “Performance”.

I’m also asking for comments, suggestions, feedback, and anything to gauge how this sounds to you, whether it’s something you’d like to read/take part in, and pointers for now and in the project’s future.

More information can be found here:

call performance pdf

As well as a cross-discipline art, poetry and prose magazine, it is also intended as way to share insight and advice across all different kinds of experience.

Email me submissions at the stated address, too.  Questions and Enquiries welcome too.

– Peter And The Hare

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(Alternatively, see Version 1)

You reordered fear to shifting organs.

You’ve heard of the cold epidemic
running rings around us.

Your smile is
spot-lit helplessly but
you get on like
your house, engulfed.

In the baroque interior of your thoughts,
after all,
was a theatre,
and a setlist for five-hundred seats
asking for wiser stages
from your agent.

Famous under your sun
for anecdotes I couldn’t begin,
in-betweening some with laughter
in our tough-crowded room.

I hope you understood
that if we could
we would
brew our doppelgängers
out of malt, water, yeast and hops
to fill fold-away chairs
with lopsided, spewing froth,

in those unfunny catacombs –
the basement of this bar,
which was
not even tragic enough
for comedy.

You spoke with teeth given freedom,
tongue and body without trying,
punctuating a joke, an exclamation,
like I’ll just have to imagine
a funny lady where Ian Curtis stands –
but I love you, more than my creation;
I was wide-eyed
on my ticket.

Now I come along with
fake moustaches,
a smile up the slow stairs
and a tour of the city.

I called it a night.