Peter’s Poems About Door [-] Handles appear in Issue 4 of The Feathertale Review. It’s a fine publication, I haven’t been so entertained by a magazine in a long time.

(Read the poem online at Feathertale Poetry)

The iPod appears online in Pomegranate Issue 8. Read the poem here.

As you may not recall, a while back I produced Peter And The Hare’s Commemorative Montage Comicbook. It’s essentially a visual translation of what went on here, and was conceived as a souvenir for myself and visitors of this blog. It marks a concluding chapter in the history of something. The Comicbook is now simultaneously entitled Peter and The Hare’s Commemorative Collage Piano Book, in a definitive version with more pages.

It is available to view and download here, or to download directly from Peter And The Hare here, for viewing with Adobe Reader.


One thought on “Appearances

  1. Congratulations on the publishing! The book is gorgeous, have you thought about making it into a book on paper using lulu or one of those? I would snaffle a copy straight away.

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