Monthly Archives: July 2009


Peter’s Poems About Door [-] Handles appear in Issue 4 of The Feathertale Review. It’s a fine publication, I haven’t been so entertained by a magazine in a long time.

(Read the poem online at Feathertale Poetry)

The iPod appears online in Pomegranate Issue 8. Read the poem here.

As you may not recall, a while back I produced Peter And The Hare’s Commemorative Montage Comicbook. It’s essentially a visual translation of what went on here, and was conceived as a souvenir for myself and visitors of this blog. It marks a concluding chapter in the history of something. The Comicbook is now simultaneously entitled Peter and The Hare’s Commemorative Collage Piano Book, in a definitive version with more pages.

It is available to view and download here, or to download directly from Peter And The Hare here, for viewing with Adobe Reader.