One Cartoon Saturday Morning…

I’m going to post something non-intellectual, sacchrine sweet and potentially even irritating, depending on your ear. And you can’t stop me, unless your the copyright holder, I guess.

“My crayons are beautiful, just not magic…”

Oh, Bubbles!

Regular viewers will of course know it’s quite obvious that the Powerpuff Girls listen to The Beatles… This is my second favourite Powerpuff song;  first being the one Frank Black did.

“A dawgy woke me and he said “Hey Rooster!”


4 thoughts on “One Cartoon Saturday Morning…

  1. Yes indeed, it seems to have deleted one of my posts (I was being clever, playing with time so it looked like this was posted before my painting one…but I suffered the consequences. The missing post is *there* somewhere, god knows where…)

    …AAAH FIXED! that was a tedious and quirky thing for wordpress to do. It was because of the 24 hour clock and the 12 hour clock. they got confused, you understand.

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