The Art of Conversation: A Youtube Playlist

My Favourite Clips of People Talking

Lately I have been thinking about talking. And talk we must. I have prepared the following playlist on the topic of conversation.

the detective

New Additions to peter and a paintbrush

So while you unwrap the cellophane from the newly-delivered phonebook… please seek out an empty booth, and speak to the Chinese cat with the tin can-attached-to-string, who will  deliver your message in whispers, presently.

Clip #1 is a conversation between John Lennon and a young fan who cheekily managed to get into his hotel room to conduct an interview.

Clip #2 is another gem, demonstrating the potential for art and conversation to meet, kiss, crochet, weave, move, weep, sing, talk, laugh and imagine. The exchange features Jeff Mangum, a member of the The Elephant 6 musician’s collective. You have heard me praising his band Neutral Milk Hotel before, but equally as miraculous is the work of the collective as a whole.

Rarely these days do a group of artists come together, under the banner of a random number and a pachyderm, to pursue an aim distinct from ego and greed.

This is a recording of a conversation beyond talking. Amid the talk of flowers and jigsaws is something truthful and beautiful, a perceptive insight.

….I’ll leave you to discover the other clips I have selected, and to contemplate this picture:

sara and a horse


6 thoughts on “The Art of Conversation: A Youtube Playlist

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    Btw, hello.

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