René Magritte’s 110th Birthday

beheld the apple
of god,

all that blue
in a bowler of fruit.

René Magritte must lean
against a lamppost,

must stand/sit
on a parkbench

day, afternoon, night –

to watch the trainride
from the fireplace.

René asks if his pipe
is a non-smoker.

I talk to a man who starts
to name me several clouds.

Wikipedia / Google Images

A film
by Peter Puntman featuring “Rene and George Magritte With Their Dog After the War” by Paul Simon


5 thoughts on “René Magritte’s 110th Birthday

  1. i love this too!@!i think it’s my favorite piece by you and certainly one of my favorite things i’ve read on the web!

    funny i was just thinking of rene magritte the other night…

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