Epilogue of the Rabbit’s Tongue

london_busqPicture: Miroslav Sasek

Some things warrant ignoring. Please be aware that what follows may be one such thing. In this long, rambling and tedious post, we concern ourselves with an event that never happened, like the moon landings, or the assisination of the Loch Ness Monster. However, it was my great pleasure to take this opporunity to thank some of the many people who have helped make Peter and The Hare who they are, the blog they are, when they are, if they are.

Thanks for listening.

P.S. Is your computer Y2K compliant?

I am Peter;

An ordinary Man who nevertheless has a great talent for withstanding the curious. My endless days are made painless by the company of my good friend and Hare, whom I fear is not long for any of these worlds. Being a hare, he is cursed with an awkward temperament. Nobody in the afterlife would abide him, and I happen to know that they have prepared an escape route for the occasion of his visit.”

Well that’s us,
isn’t it?

wrapped up and tied,
in neat surprise packages,
under lock and key and
out of the doors we were in.

See you there,
in the never never of whatever.

who knows where we’ll emerge.

any excuse to be thankful.

Thanks to many of you (I will forget some, no doubt) – even the ones who stumbled across this site whilst looking for different things entirely, like “man in latrine” and “walls dripping blood”. Yes, I am proud to have authored the blog that attracts the oddest google searches on the Internet.

It’s been a sweet, sweet bit of time, creating truths and fictions and looking out of windows

again and again,

and being strange.

Remember, the moral of this story is:

“…between the tickings of a watch, and a smile on a bird.”

And every good story must perhaps find its end.

So, as I said back then, all good things must come to an end, apparently.
I guess we’ll learn origami and fold back into paper.

Ouch, my heart. My soul, if I have one. “…a scratch, a scratch, ’tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church-door” (hehe).

p.s are we still set for a breakfast, some day tomorrow? Groovy, I’ll be there, don’t know about you.

Night falls over the marketplace, and I could not tell you how many of these artefacts have been sold. Only that we have harvested your kind compliments, the expressions I have imagined on your faces, even your confusion. sweet times. I’ll say it again.

And leave your comments here – any thoughts about anything.

the beautiful anything.

and, my friends, if I may count you as friends, the hope. as in, I hope you’re hungry – I ask again, do you like breakfast?

notes about almost nothing, for someone to read. that was Peter and The Hare…wasn’t it? And I loved every minute of it.

Pictures: Laura Knight


Everyone who has ever helped out/shared their love in some way, onscreen or off.

“Virtual Reality”, y’know. I have always regarded this the most sacred oxymoron.

Karen of dreamlistener/like writing with water – You are a consummate artist, because you are the dream listener, a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly, and I know something of how difficult it is. For those who are speculating why I am concluding this blog, I’m not entirely sure myself (“why” being a notoriously slippery question) but, if I may borrow Karen’s word for my own definition and purposes –  the responsibility of dreamlistening may be one of them.

Alex of Endlessly Red on Our Snow
– Currently having a ballena of a time in Peru 🙂 Thanks and such and everything to one of the best blog-poets around, cos there are blog-poets and poets who blog. Alex has read more here than was strictly worthwhile or necessary. He read some of my earliest poems, which were dire by anyones standards, and responded to them in the most sober, unpatronising, encouraging way. Needless to say he’s been consistently supportive of my curious hare-brained endeavours, and is awesome.

Paul of gingaTao! and The Orchid Roomhepcat, wise-man, cartographer of The Real, brother of blues, messenger of the news, hip to the tip, funk poet, bootsy collins with a magical, passionate, dictionary of his own logic – truthful and authentic. Art avec Heart. and then some. oh, there are many things one could say, and he says them, sometimes even all at once. The orchestrater of the Room of Orchids too, which must be one of the most exciting [for want of a better term] “experimental poetry” projects out there. Hey, Paul. well done.

Paul M. Peterson of paulmpeterson.com – How do? I particularly liked how you described my site in your links, it made me smile. Of course, one might say that being a “maverick” is not what it once was, since John McCain redefined the term 😉  just for the record, he reminded me of Robocop –  but hey I don’t do political commentary do I, you’re better than me at that sort of thing. But Peter And The Hare, on behalf of an alternate dimension bearing some resemblance to England – would like to say “hello” to Mr. Obama. I don’t profess to know much but I have a feeling you’ll do some good things for this world. Oh and getting back on the subject, Peter M. Paulson, as I like to call him, has done some good things for the blog-world.

Jezebel – without wishing to embarrass you please, when the time suits, write for more eyes! you’re a great talent!

I’m gonna thank some people outside my usual blog circle now, since many of you can take my thanks as an implied, if not fully expressed, thing.

Kayleigh of kayleighokeefe.co.uk – video work that deserves to be seen. a person full of life, energy , wonder and awesome.

Layabozi – Shout out to Mache, and her china-based music blog. Like Outkast, she knows what’s cooler than being cool – ice-cold. cos that’s how The Hare rolls too, y’dig? 🙂

and – have you noticed I’m just progressing down my blogroll here? If you’ve read this far, well done. Hi Martha.

Rick Mobbs stands for inspired blogging.

Lydia of Muttering Lydia – helped me out with formatting and comments at the very beginning, and I ain’t forgotten.

Anita of Owl Creek Bridge – awesome writing with a Gothic slant. hello again.

thatplaidhipster – hello.

I’m sorry people, can you tell I’m getting bored of this now. still, thank you all.

Peter and The Hare have received two Thinking Blogger Awards. This made me immensely happy on both occasions. One such award was from Anita (above). The other was from the excellent fashion blog, The Ugly Earring. Consider this my own little award-giving ceremony, for all of you, since I didn’t get to fully acknowledge my appreciation at the time.

hey, Tina, how are you?

Bad Rabbit – an early-days hare/rabbit alliance. still ‘preciated. hope things’re sweet as Piccadilly.

Wailin! hello!

I’m tired now. who wants breakfast?


The future? why not? announcements when they’re sounded.


Haha! Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. We’ll see when we get on that boat! Ahoy!


3 thoughts on “Epilogue of the Rabbit’s Tongue

  1. Ahoy, yummy. Can I have extra eggs and bacon with mine? And some fruit salad and another cup of tea? You are Peter, an extraordinary man with a great talent for creating windows and peeking round corners and one of the greatest comment writers of all time, probably the creator of more pleasure both here at home and abroad then any other. Oh and some toast with vegemite too, please,

  2. oh peter, we barely knew ye. or your wabbit. full moon in ice halo tonight facing a fiery sunset over the desert and turning the mountains black. i know you’re out there somewhere and think i’ll probably see you again. i hope so. best wishes, good luck and thanks for the poetry and good cheer.

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