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René Magritte’s 110th Birthday

beheld the apple
of god,

all that blue
in a bowler of fruit.

René Magritte must lean
against a lamppost,

must stand/sit
on a parkbench

day, afternoon, night –

to watch the trainride
from the fireplace.

René asks if his pipe
is a non-smoker.

I talk to a man who starts
to name me several clouds.

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Epilogue of the Rabbit’s Tongue

london_busqPicture: Miroslav Sasek

Some things warrant ignoring. Please be aware that what follows may be one such thing. In this long, rambling and tedious post, we concern ourselves with an event that never happened, like the moon landings, or the assisination of the Loch Ness Monster. However, it was my great pleasure to take this opporunity to thank some of the many people who have helped make Peter and The Hare who they are, the blog they are, when they are, if they are.

Thanks for listening.

P.S. Is your computer Y2K compliant?

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Handwritten Premonitions

scattered on a floating desk –
I offer these notes for the sake of giving, only

for your eyes and yet nobody’s
to hear

(and yours to see,
if you want to.)

Regrettably – as with most premonitions – accuracy, with reference to the written text of the future, cannot be verified.

You’ve had enough excitement for today. Go to sleep.