Peter and the Hare – Commemorative Comicbook

Selected Contents –

3 – some wine.
4 – our cast
6 – a message from Death.
7 – an apple for alistair (an original and pointless story)
9the small prince.
13pin-up supplement

Look to the blue skies and pipe-work on certain pages of your comic book (see above). This is my hope for the future.

Peace and antique cutlery,

Peter and someone else.


3 thoughts on “Peter and the Hare – Commemorative Comicbook

  1. Your comic book is a wonderful work full of dreams, mysteries, ideas and images, all in your gentle and careful tone. It would be a life time’s work to fully explore it but it is a work of great beauty and wonderment.

  2. I think I would like a comic book or one of those photo-story books so that you can always laugh at the haircuts. I like very much the layer of undeniable irony in your work Peter… it is intriguing but absolutely entertaining. Must, must find more time to read more very soon.

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