all of which…the spirit suggests



The Orchard is still white,
the President is seven.

It was absurd for a man
of his standing,
sitting down,

to be the subject of
such spite
behind green shutters.

Even George Douglas Brown
would gossip with Countesses,

before mixing a great cocktail

of his jealousy,
for the Provost.


Anchored one end of
the great slaughter,

the Dinwiddie Colored Quartet
asked what precisely
a Dinwiddie was,

for they had never seen one.


A doughy man from Saxony
avoids the sun
like Edison.

A grim mystic from Danzig,
sleeps the Empire
through his head.

He has an elaborate toothache,
and spits three times,
on his left.

They talk through an interpreter;
he says

his grandfather never existed.


that’s quite enough of this nonsense.

But do read the article.


5 thoughts on “(1902-1903)

  1. I adore this “nonsense,” particularly the “elaborate toothache” and the spitting three times.(On his left!) I did read the article first and found it slightly fascinating. It allowed for your “nonsense” to be that much more delightful.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You are the only one I allow in, you know. It’s blocked the the entire rest of the world. Except for Jack.

  2. I have seen Cyrano, the good version with what’s his French guy. I loved it. Saw it a long long time ago. Should really read the book….

    Off to check the mixtape…


  3. sorry if i offended you, j, in trying to collaborate. I was trying to get into a kinda sorta character that might suit your work’s sensibilities. i assumed you’d get it, an ambitious in-joke which could have been made clearer. apologies.

    the playlist if your wondering was just something i had knocking around for ages, a little sound-experiment of my own i shoulda known it may backfire. anyway, seeya round, hopefully. i still think your writing’s ultra cool and it’s mere existence is enough. i hate the thought of offending people, especially with art, so i hope we’re cool.

  4. I really, really liked this.
    It is strange though that both the picture and some notes in the poem reminded me of Chekhov the Cherry Orchard’s (1904) –and white orchard and three women. Though neither the picture or poem are directly referring to the play.

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