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Peter and the Hare – Commemorative Comicbook

Selected Contents –

3 – some wine.
4 – our cast
6 – a message from Death.
7 – an apple for alistair (an original and pointless story)
9the small prince.
13pin-up supplement

Look to the blue skies and pipe-work on certain pages of your comic book (see above). This is my hope for the future.

Peace and antique cutlery,

Peter and someone else.

Miniature Tree of Envelopes

ah, i wish my saplings good luck –

my little tree of letters
next to my piss-pot
when it rains,

so it is fifty percent myself,
and the rest is

when an insect licks the back
of The Queen’s head,
on a stamp.

Tell my true love,
“I love you”;
a reader,
who unfolds the leaves
with less than
half a thumb.

peter and a paintbrush…

Below, there are all manner of curiosities, paintings and sketches that you may or may not enjoy. I’ve put some of my doodles here, on the off-chance that they may peak someone or no one’s interest – images which, for me, have a potently nostalgic power.

peters-paintings-029bestoffull A selection of my paintings are available to buy as prints at my online gallery on Photobox. There are prints and gift items available to suit all.

If you would like, you can own them as compiled in my book, Peter And The Hare’s Fireside Companion.



new flower.

with the hare the buffalo and giraffe and remember we kissed at sunset.

the king.

red fish.

Leonard Disney.

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all of which…the spirit suggests



The Orchard is still white,
the President is seven.

It was absurd for a man
of his standing,
sitting down,

to be the subject of
such spite
behind green shutters.

Even George Douglas Brown
would gossip with Countesses,

before mixing a great cocktail

of his jealousy,
for the Provost.


Anchored one end of
the great slaughter,

the Dinwiddie Colored Quartet
asked what precisely
a Dinwiddie was,

for they had never seen one.


A doughy man from Saxony
avoids the sun
like Edison.

A grim mystic from Danzig,
sleeps the Empire
through his head.

He has an elaborate toothache,
and spits three times,
on his left.

They talk through an interpreter;
he says

his grandfather never existed.


that’s quite enough of this nonsense.

But do read the article.