If Your Space is MySpace, I’ll Sleep in the Wardrobe.

This is an old Surrealist game that might be as informative as surrealism can be:

Rate the following:

(+20 = unreserved approval, 0 = utter indifference, -20 = total abomination)

Irrationality +14
Humour +20
Civilisation +17
Desire +19
Honesty +20
Religion +0
Madness -16
Logic -10
Happiness +20

Vanity +20

“I have often thought about the role of ego in art and come to no satisfactory conclusions.”

he said while unknowingly unwrapping the secret kinder egg that the gift of anonymity had afforded him, and could no longer step in photo booths and spend a full 10 minutes adjusting the seat. There are better galleries to attend than the gallery of me, he thought, but then perhaps not. There are after all a sea of images out there, and I suppose there are a lot worse 🙂 A certain filmmaker whom I greatly admire has been known to speak of “an illness of images” as the malady of our times – an influx, an excess of, “dishonest” images. Just some more images for the Internet. Could it really hurt? I doubt that they depict anyone in particular. They are entirely peculiar to me, you understand. I’m not sure who this is – perhaps it was my space in the self of a passing minute.

will I change? If so, how? and when will this happen? I want time to learn my lines…

(It is with some regret that I share this generation’s fondness for the obsessive production and storage of self-portraits.)


One thought on “If Your Space is MySpace, I’ll Sleep in the Wardrobe.

  1. If there was no ego, like the song says, would be there be any motive force? It is such a crazy hard question, maybe the asking of it is the art and the answer would be the end, I don’t know but the journey, like you say, is an amazing adventure and it is an honour to share it with an artist of your calibre, Peter.

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