“Curious Circumstance” by Elinor Wylie (1862-1937)

THE sailorman’s child
And the girl of the witch–
They can’t be defiled
By touching pitch.

The sailorman’s son
Had a ship for a nursery;
The other one
Was baptised by sorcery.

Although he’s shipped
To the Persian Gulf, her
Body’s been dipped
In burning sulphur.


the difficult lesson





Source, Pictorial


5 thoughts on ““Curious Circumstance” by Elinor Wylie (1862-1937)

  1. برو به نقشه هاي دريانوردي پدربزرگت نگاه كن معلوم ميشه اسم واقعيش چيه وگرنه به قول ما جنوبيها “بشن سرش ببين بندر دياره”
    از طرف يك تنگسير
    Persian Gulf

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