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The Small Prince’s Reputation

the first part
of the national anthem

“What a State we’re in!”

“O! Dear Land!
O! Dear!”

When the small prince

at his feet,
a sinking feeling,

because after all
he was in the kitchen…

the butt of all jokes,
he dare not enter the taverns,

he was,
at least,
everything but

only a prince.

at which point,
a deer passed through his poem
with a look of disinterest

and an Adult Zebra Finch.


(oh, deer.)

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The Small Prince Takes Pity on the Despised Bohemian.

The rumours that the small prince’s castle was spirited away by a blue-nosed gypsy in pink were exaggerated.

In fact, he wore that same pink cloak,

and chose certain paints that would discolour his nose,

and folded his castle,
as if it were cloth,
into egg shapes,

before running away with the gypsy…

Two Dogs

In response to a Totally Optional Prompt for “Three Dogs“, though my canine mathematics is wrong.


two dogs outside,
I am in a pantomime
dressed as “The Wrong Tree”.

I say my important piece
I sway gently in the leaves,

the barking of dogs,
and the rain,
disrupts my poem.

I say my important piece
I sway gently in the leaves,
my leaves are falling
out of fear

and then,
in scene 4 –
the character of “Rain”
falls upon the pavement
and makes a claim for compensation.

One of the dogs
skips a scene,
brings back a drum.

the other holding it in place,
while a drumstick plays between his teeth,

(because, after all,
is it the drumstick that plays
or is it the drum?)

and then my branch
grows out of the window

and I say –
“stop that noise!”
though my voice is feeble.

turns out,
as a tree,

I have no lines
in the play.

The Small Prince’s Simple Pleasures

the small prince was instructed
to eat part of an apple,
and leave the remainder
in his pocket
for after.

“After who?”
After witches invaded the beaches,
squashing the snails,
who were guarding the coastlines,

after the hostile arrest of an
Andalusian poet,
after the small prince laughed
because his pennies were worthless

and the prince sat on a shell;
“which Hell is worthwhile?”

The prince sighed,

and produced a liquorice pipe.