On The Occasion of My Birthday

A selecton of imported beers

and the autobiography of Peter Falk.

I ask you,

who’s arguing with that?

Of course that is not a proper poem (or is it? no.) but every birthday has it’s colours, waves its own flags, the flagpoles dug into sand and, around them, sand castles with their own moats, bridges and sophisticated pulley systems

and little rocks, which we’ll call milestones.  

“Gee”, he said, “I never expected a milestone to be so small. I can hardly see it.”

“well, son, thats a pebble you’re holding.”


The Moral of The Story Is (Not) – some things that have made my birthday and by extension my life:  



28th of July, 1866 is Beatrix Potter’s birthday. Beatrix Potter created Peter Rabbit, whom the hare must surely owe some alegience to somehow – yet another of his mystical kinships of which I am not am not fully aware.


The Dark Knight 

A fine lesson in the archetecture of nightmares. It is unleashed, it has broke free and now we can all see it, and should.  humanity’s Mr. Hyde is unmasked and stripped bare, and we left the cinema speechless and in awe. Heath Ledger’s performance seems to emmerge from some deep, dark well of the uncanny. Almost from nowhere, or somewhere too evil to contemplate.


“Just One More Thing” by Peter Falk (aforementioned)

He is a wanderer, who follows every whim, with wisdom and stupidity/naivity. To me, he’s not “Columbo”, I don’t really have that point of reference so much as others might. he’s a wiseman, who writes with great energy and carpe diem . In this book is life, lest we forget we’re living it. Not just a life, it’s that too, but the energy of life. Peter Falk crossed over to Yugoslavia, which was then behind the iron curtain, purely out of curiosity, and wound up helping to build a railroad.


music, music, music.

reggae, very cheesy and commercial, but great to get a party started, from a budget compilation from the supermarket.

and 1950s rock n’ roll songs and songs of a similar texture,

found a dark, subversive veign that i had not noticed in that music. cos it’s not all elvis, is it? Bo Diddley is finally getting his dues.

And Link Wray’s sound terrorism. “Jack The Ripper”. Jackson Pollock.


And I’m out,

I would say “Over and out” but nothing infuriates CB radio enthusiasts more apparantly.

Over — I have finished talking and I am listening for your reply. Short for “Over to you.”
Out or Clear — I have finished talking to you and do not expect a reply.

And so, “Over and Out” does not exist, you see.

Over and Out!



5 thoughts on “On The Occasion of My Birthday

  1. happy birthday!! and to the potter as well. i am sending you a virtual toast

    when will google use that groovy rabbit as their logo? they should, you know.

    ahhhh peter falk aka columbo aka an angel in wings of desire…yes, my favorite film of all time

    are you a fan then also of vampire weekend? do you know the ikette’s i’m blue? (a couple you tubes of it are on my blog but i don’t know the witchery to link those pages here) i know the late 40s-50s r&b well–i used to swing dance (aerials and everything) with a guy who had an amazing collection of 45s and he made me mix tapes

    ps i like this very much in the rss feed from the orchid room all smooshed together!

  2. see, that’s a musical terrain i’m just discovering, as such i’ve probably mentioned some names in this post that’re maybe a bit “well, duh!” to an enthusiast. so any recommendations are more than welcome.

    Wings of Desire is my favourite film! yay for it being yours too.

    nice to hear from you artpred, as always.


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