One Dimension

Rummaging around the debris of my living room,
Nostalgia Unit Ten - a robot designed for the sole purpose of
locating the past within the present - 
chanced upon a video casette of a short film I made at school.

Nostalgia then engaged his dewey-eyed function and softened the room’s focus.

I took the video from Nostalgia’s steely grip.

“What is this?” I questioned, examining the black alien brick with no small amount of fear.

“VI – DI – O” cried Nostalgia.

I proceeded to insert the “VI – DI – O” somewhere and, by some miracle, it produced some sounds and images.

It was as if my soul had returned to me,

“my bonny lies over the ocean”, I sang.
“bring, back, bring back”

And the video wasn’t even very good.
I remember a small room, two VHS players,

one plays
one records.

“Crash Editing” is what they call it.

Oh, and a hi-fi linked up for the music.

Mr. L, one of the nicest teachers, was the kind who broadened horizons daily.
young looking, possibly not that young, but hip enough.

My actor is smaller in this film and has more hair.


2 thoughts on “One Dimension

  1. what a fun surprise for my morning too–the small boy liked it as well and was disappointed when it was over. “this is a good one for kids,” he said

    we both liked the glasses

    my favorite part was the conversation with nostalgia–the boy said, “did you read a funny part?”

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