water takes the shape of the container in which it is poured. it is not a gas.

we learnt these obvious things in school.

I swore that I could hear the soft hum of electricity passing through the wire, if you listen hard enough. I was told not to be silly.

I was no good at algebra, because there didn’t seem to be much sense in adding numbers to letters, if they did not result in words.

On one occasion, I deliberatly misheard the rules of the task, so that I could write a poem.

When I was a fan of Micheal Jackson, I became enraged with Jarvis Cocker’s stunt:

Jarvis Cocker’s Stage Invasion (1996)

“In 1996, Michael Jackson was given a special “Artist of a Generation” award. At the ceremony he accompanied his single “Earth Song” with a stage show, with Jackson as a Christ-like figure surrounded by children. Jarvis Cocker, of the band Pulp, mounted the stage in protest of the performance. Cocker ran across the stage, lifting his shirt and pointing his (clothed) bottom in Jackson’s direction. Cocker was subsequently questioned by the police on suspicion of causing injury towards three of the children in Jackson’s performance, although no criminal proceedings followed. “Earth Song” became Jackson’s biggest hit in the UK, spending six weeks at the top of the chart.” – Brit Awards

I rallied some of my little schoolfriends around to produce posters denouncing the actions of the lead singer of Pulp.

So that’s how I missed the point of Britpop, while Rich was at his happiest when discussing Sonic The Hedgehog.




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