“one can work small wonders”, said he.

the small prince sat
in the same glass you keep your toothbrush.

Don’t fill it up with water,
find another thing to drink.

The small prince thought
“…but i’m too small to be a monarch

when shall I grow up?”

The small prince asked his mother.

The small prince is so small
that to look at him makes you nauseous,

he cannot be seen by most naked eyes;
wear as many clothes as you can.

The small prince reads a small-print edition
of Dmitri’s theories of pyrology

He was plagiarised from a European
copy of a grandmother’s
puppet that blew in from the window.

The window was small,
and the room’s wooden mirror,
could never show his face,
and was warped by the glass.




2 thoughts on ““one can work small wonders”, said he.

  1. Perfectly Peter, precise yet wandering. How is the trip going? Were you struck down with religeous awe in the Sistine Chapel? Following along in your blog is like seeing the world through your eyes looking into a mirror at the other thing. Have fun,

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