Guided Visits of Faith and Art – A Swift Memo from Rome

Yes, another thing to go in the “Travel” category without being all abstract and metapèhorical about it.

Peace, children I,m on a strange italian keyboard. Anyway a brief account of my time, which I am still spending.

Now, Upon seeing a piece of mediocre art, say you and a compèanion are viewing a competant but workmanlike film by Ron Howard, one of you might remark “It,s okay, but its not The Sistene Chapel.”

Well, I,ve seen The Sistene Chapel, and thing about that is that it is The Sistene Chapel.

By which I mean, it can ligimately claim to be what it is.

Ron Howard and The Pope

I have seen both of these people – the latter from a distance, the formers baseball cap and beard, which is required uniform for a succesful film director.

Also, the thing about beggars ranting and giving you stern looks in another language, is that they can impart any wisdom you wish to hear. I decided he took offence at my priveleged, sickeningly modern, 21st century postmodern ways, so I gave him my mp3 player. I didnt of course.






Soundtrack – Oh Brother- DowntotheRiver.mp3


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