search engine curio.


a small prince once came to me,

who was sent by

peter nikolai.


dropped like a hot painting of a potato,

by the framed portrait of The Hare.


In the company of

Cain, Eros and Associates –

noon-day smile

and gypsy fairies;


cute monkeys for kids eyes to see,

the optical properties of chameleons.


“what does it means when a pigeon follows thee?”

Questioned nikolai’s

small prince,

of the footsteps.


The neglected children cry and

their painter

demands silence.


They walk out of the frame

into another,

and another,


“Oh my,


what could the matter be?”


Catch them if you are quick,

the small wings of a butterfly.


“Is a dromo a shape?”

asked the girl with the antlers.


The ugliest woman

said to paint a woodland scene.



3 thoughts on “search engine curio.

  1. hehe this is a poem inspired by search terms people have used to get to this site via Google. this raw data is often a source of amusement and inspiration to me.

    Glad you liked it, Sumedh. It’s just a fun piece of fluff really but I couldn’t resist…


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