Small Weather Cloud, big ghost.


Like most things, this post promises to be more exciting than it is. Anyway, see that little thing on the horizon? looks like a small mushroom?

…that’s NEWS.

So now that I’ve figured out how to make some text bigger than other text, I decided to improve the “About” page . There’s now that little bit more hope and direction for those that seek it.

Also you might want to click on a link thats coming up soon, after these words. It’s to The Noise Festival which is a place where Young People can showcase their artstuff in like a “my-face” fashion, that is like “my-face” but with obvious design flaws (so, exactly like my face). The written word takes so much of a backseat it’s barely in the car, there’s no search feature, you can’t view pictures full size, and writers who, remember, are expected to chase after the proverbial automobile like a common dog or wag-pony, are expected to upload word documents, as if blogging never happened. Wow, Peter is being uncharacteristically mean, isn’t he?

Nevertheless, we support this generally wonderful initiative, and as such Peter and the Hare is represented with this profile on the site.




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