Be Still, Be Here, as I Always Will


TO: People
FROM: Peter and The Hare

SUBJECT: Re: A Break in Time


Are you enjoying your free, uninterrupted time? You can spend it looking at the storm in your teacup, or rehearse – from the top – those thoughts and lines which, though staggeringly unimportant, will not leave you alone. Take your imaginary pet for a walk, if you have one. If you are still bored, find someone with which to make love, or play Monopoly. Pass “Go” or go to Jail.

Set aside a week or so to die, or go on holiday.

Anyway, what I am saying is – things have not stopped. There has not been a post here for a while. We are in London, England’s Merry Capital!

We love you all quite a lot, considering we’ve never met you. So stay still in-between passing trains.

We shall be with you, by-and-by. Be quiet. There are some stories to be heard. In the meantime, peruse the archives here, or spend time listening to your own.

Edward Gorey


4 thoughts on “Be Still, Be Here, as I Always Will

  1. I’m not sure London is England’s Merry Capital. Capital it is, in every sense, but Merry it sometimes isn’t. All those people a-rushing hither and thither, having fulfilling careers, climbing ladders at great speed, no matter what wall they’re resting against.

    Oh alright, I’m jealous, because oi lives in’t industrial North, where a career is an unwelcome distraction from the important and fulfilling task of being Pleasantly Simple. Arrr.

    Watch it down there down South. They’ve got airs, that lot. Or heirs. Or hairs. Or something. Anyway, what I mean is that they weren’t hewn from’t’living rock, like us up here. Arrr.

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