BREAKING NEWS (we’ll fix it later)

I think my colour is green.

I should wear more green.

If you also like green, or if you like going on night-time walks to see frogs in the moonlight, talk to me – I might say something about…

Apples and trees,

eat one.
leave the other alone.

If you think you may have been a tree in a past life, I will ask if I can climb you to get a better view of the giants. I will caress you. You will almost certainly get a hug. I may carve my name, or someone else’s.

Apple juice.

Robin Hood.


Candy-sweet and Green With Envy.


Sometimes the colour of a little chameleon.

sagelacework.jpg carte-blanche.jpg 4f4190808176f62f.jpg 831652296_02b29938ed.jpg 


4 thoughts on “Green

  1. One of the most erotic and sensual, yet delicate patterns i have ever read… it vitually gives you a feeling of a man’s gentle touch

  2. thanks all. A colour can inspire so much. Colours aren’t just important for painters, are they? 🙂 Anastasia, you’ve cast a new light on this that I did not see fully before, I love receiving the gift of clarity. thank you.

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