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The Microcomputer

A new beige computer
in July.

Will anybody search the dictionary
for “Atari“?

It does not help with my homework,
as promised.

And instead exudes
twice it’s own weight
in mystery.

The game with the dragons
takes an age to begin.
We say “it’s loading”;

we expect it to “think”.

On the diskette,
the game that is less a game,
more a ritual,

misspelt on a label
by a market-stall owner.

A dragon is emerging from
the synthesised water.

The wizard is old and
his wrinkles show age.

We suddenly imagine
that the water is
an ocean;

like every usual ocean,
it will not quench our thirst.

We have all made and drank
uncommon elixirs.

The dragon is an omen
in this story,
is a curse.

It appears to scroll across

and lakes,

and when the villagers hear its legend,
they have nightmares about a “virus.”

We have heard of “viruses” before.
The game does not begin.

The car can not go on the road,
and must collide
into the scenery.

Nothing will grow
on this tarmacadam.

On the road,
we can stare at
a screaming limb.

The head of a man,
with sampled voices,
gives us numbers –
we take one,
divide it.

The machine shows us bombs.

cartoon bombs on the desktop.

square-edged and round,
their little stalks,
like flowers.

The whole office disobeys me,
When the wizard appears.

He has many hands and
only two remain outside.

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Be Still, Be Here, as I Always Will


TO: People
FROM: Peter and The Hare

SUBJECT: Re: A Break in Time


Are you enjoying your free, uninterrupted time? You can spend it looking at the storm in your teacup, or rehearse – from the top – those thoughts and lines which, though staggeringly unimportant, will not leave you alone. Take your imaginary pet for a walk, if you have one. If you are still bored, find someone with which to make love, or play Monopoly. Pass “Go” or go to Jail.

Set aside a week or so to die, or go on holiday.

Anyway, what I am saying is – things have not stopped. There has not been a post here for a while. We are in London, England’s Merry Capital!

We love you all quite a lot, considering we’ve never met you. So stay still in-between passing trains.

We shall be with you, by-and-by. Be quiet. There are some stories to be heard. In the meantime, peruse the archives here, or spend time listening to your own.

Edward Gorey


BREAKING NEWS (we’ll fix it later)

I think my colour is green.

I should wear more green.

If you also like green, or if you like going on night-time walks to see frogs in the moonlight, talk to me – I might say something about…

Apples and trees,

eat one.
leave the other alone.

If you think you may have been a tree in a past life, I will ask if I can climb you to get a better view of the giants. I will caress you. You will almost certainly get a hug. I may carve my name, or someone else’s.

Apple juice.

Robin Hood.


Candy-sweet and Green With Envy.


Sometimes the colour of a little chameleon.

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