The Hare summoned me one morning, via thought-wave, to a beach. I encountered him staring into the-middle-of-somewhere, contemplating nothing.

“Hare” I said, “It is a good day to build castles”.
“Out of sand?”
“If you wish…I prefer brick”

“I already have plenty of them. They show no sign of falling down.”

Okay. How are the clouds today?”
“Calm, as is the Sea”
“Oh good. Hare, what is that you are holding?

The Hare ventured into the water, with a conch held firmly to his ear. He sang a short burst of song, and returned to the shore.  

♥ “As I walk this land of broken dreams, I have Visions of many things”Jimmy Ruffin, What Becomes of The Brokenhearted?

“It is an iConch” said The Hare.

“An iConch?”

“Yes it can hold up to 240”


“Up to 7,500”

“No. wait. 2,000”

“2,000 what?”

“12. if theres a westerly wind. 12 more i mean.”


“…more or less. It fits on your belt. but to hear it you need to listen. Listen! That is the sound of 7,500 or so…”

“So what?”

“SO WHAT?!? just listen!”

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream The Beatles, Tomorow Never Knows


“I say, Hare, that is the sound of the very Sea itself!”

“Yes, with the iConch, Infinity will follow you anywhere…”

“I sea.”

“I’ll forgive that typo..”, said The Hare.



6 thoughts on “iConch

  1. i swear the hare “almost” summoned me the other day via thought-wave, ….
    but as i was already engaged in teeter (ing) on the teeter-totter, i thought it best to not let go of my grip lest i fall face first into the sand below.
    i do believe at the time i was contemplating nothing as well. it makes for a very good topic of contemplation i dare say. do give my regards to the hare.


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