Pictures When You Sleep

I remember being taken,
as if on rails,
past the stagecraft.

behind it are screams,

and behind the cardboard people,
are my disembodied friends.

The kit-kat in my hand,
was given to stop me,
and it too is melting…
the tears are in my lap.

and I’m supposed to sit here,
and this is meant to be fun.

what I remember is…
not wanting
what was given.

the kit-kat,
chocolate in my hand, melting
and a toy in my hand,

would scare me even more.

the toys are alive.

It’s dark,
and in the dark
I cannot tell
if my father is one of them,

puppets, I suspect.


5 thoughts on “Pictures When You Sleep

  1. A very clever and complex poem. I suspect no amount of effort by my small brain will unlock a rational deconstruction of the imagery and besides that might even be disrespectful to the craftsman. The control of tone is particular and deliberate and the meaning shifts, metaphors in changing contexts, like in a dream,

  2. I agree with gingatao. I like this poem. But I like it because I don’t immediately comprehend everything about it. That puts me as the reader in a child’s frame of mind, where the universe is filled with mystery.

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