Some Certain Things To Consider.

The Hare said that “Come Winter, this cold and lonely time, it is a useful thing indeed to remind ourselves of the eternal Certainties:”

  • Time scratches at our backs.
  • The health of a hedgehog can be determined by the wriggliness of his nose. He has a soft underside.
  • We are running out of pages in our diaries.
  • No-one is permitted to read them, and no-one wants to, unless you tell them it is not permitted.
  • The butterfly roars in its cage, like a lion.  
  • As the hammer is taken to the manikin in the (emptied) fishtank, a birthday candle distorts grotesquely as it’s waxen body melts.
  • It is fashioned into the likeness of a popular cartoon character…
  • What to be done with these inconsequential wonders?
  • Mother, when will you understand that my every word is not a demand, and that I am capable of starting my own conversation…
  • Charlie Chaplain and Einstein were, once and always, the same person.
  • To wake up every morning, with a gift under one’s tree.
  • Apples, Apples, Strawberries.
  • The stork makes the cherry the most narrative of fruits.
  • The poet who equates eroticism with fruit metaphors, is a sad and lonely man. Here, have a peach.
  • The Gate is opened by the Monk who does not close it. He kindly leads three blind mice up the path.
Photo by Nader Davoodi. source 

7 thoughts on “Some Certain Things To Consider.

  1. I like this a lot. It’s smart, weird and funny. It is on the borderline of the surreal like a twisted mirror. Very much to my taste.

  2. ‘The poet who equates eroticism with fruit metaphors, is a sad and lonely man. Here, have a peach.’

    haha! I have a long history of using fruit as a pseudonym. My favourite was the apple, which asked people not to stare at my pips. But then, I am not a poet (most of the time). 🙂

    I loved this and had to read each one twice… fabulous.

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