James Henry Whitworth (His Twisted Love Still Haunts Us All)


“Does Death scare you, Hare?”
“No, but the food is terrible”
“Oh, death’s a place? I suspected as much”
“a contrary little circus. People are always shocked when they see children. For all its coldness, death looks after children…the whole place changes. It’s the least it can do.”

“What scares you then?”


  • Visits from the Prophets (really just coldcalling salesmen in robes. Their phoney prophecies involve the melodramic breaking of mirrors, and sometimes the raining of insects upon a loved one)
  • The destruction of personal pottery.
  • LOVE – See Also: Human Politics, Serge Gainsbourg’s “Je Taime” (Moi Non Plus).
  • Animatronics
  • Billy Bob Thornton
  • Writer’s Block
  • The Telephone
  • Cougars in Ties
  • Brief Cases of Influenza (time may be slowed, security combinations can be found)
  • The Disembodiment of Anything.
  • Sweets & Carbon, Footprints in the Diesel.
  • Snow
  • Unlit Pumpkins
  • Elixers Proporting to “Promote Health”
  • “Friendly” Bacteria
  • Violins Without Trees, Played by Tree-fellers
  • The Inevitable, of course.
  • The Accordian, sans bones.
  • Ghosts in Various States of Duress

Suggestions Please. You know The Hare better than I do.

Happy All Saints’ Eve!


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