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My Books Are Infested With Silverfish



I’ve not been online with any regularity lately. I am accessing The Hare indirectly, from a secret connection behind the bookshelf of a public library. You too can contact The Hare if you look hard enough for these Portals, or you could just email me.

I am about ready to “hang up my books, swallow the key, and throw away the towel”, as it were.

The Universal Library has books, full of not words but pictures. Nobody quite agrees  what the pictures are of – somebody’s brutalised Mother? two Sodomites in a Doomed Embrace? An Open Cage? 0r a Bird?

  • Do I know why?

Such is the nature of the puzzle of the enigma of The Universe, my Darlings! of which your life – with all this crazy gift of Time – is but a very silly part! So drink up! I would promise to never forget you, but you know I will, Children!

  • “Time is Not Money, Time is the Absence of Money.”

Willem Dafoe in the film “Faraway, So Close!” said that.

So Live Timelessly, kids. I’m counting on you.

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