Peter’s Dream – Eating All Is OK Now

(A response to an acctual google search that brought up this site)

Dear Anonymous Google Searcher,

Why of course…in these heady consumerist days where you can buy something for a penny, or a pictorial of it for tuppence, sure; “eating all is OK”. Who’s going to stop you? it sure as hell isn’t going to be the baker or the cook. But it’s a well known fact that some people believe that being photographed is a danger to one’s soul, and that, paradoxically, gluttony is a surefire way to disappear.

Possibly unrelated note: read Marlon Brando’s interviews. The brightest fireworks always shed a tear.

The Hare sometimes finds dimension-hopping a source of much fustration. As Caesar once said, there have been Empires built on bubbles, ready to pop. “The whole of Japan is a pure invention,” said Oscar Wilde, who should have known, since he was a marvel of pure clockwork himself.

“The Cinematograph is but a passing phase!”, said The Hare.

  • If you find something real, here or elsewhere, holler like your life depended on it. Grip it as tightly as a baby in the arms of a sailor.

– Peter Out.


1 thought on “Peter’s Dream – Eating All Is OK Now

  1. Thank you for your kind comment on my poem. I have been browsing your blog, and really it is quite brilliant. Have you ever considered/attempted/had any of this published? The combination of such an intelligent and unique perspective wrapped up in a surreal Alice in Wonderland package is heady and irresistible.

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