Sitting in the corner
of a circle,
is desirable.

Although there are no corners,
when you find one,
you will know.

you will fill the circle –
one fine day in Picadilly,
a bird will drop some bread in your hand,
put your hand to your mouth,
and feed you.


5 thoughts on “Fairground

  1. This poem is not credited to anyone else, so I am assuming it is yours. It is very good. The bird feeding you in the wholeness of a circle reminds me of that passage in Matthew, where God feeds the birds and arrays the lilies and everything will be alright . . .

  2. wow…perhaps something subconcious seeped in from my regular churchgoing days. thanks for that insight. and yes if somethings not credited you can assume its mine, it can get confusing with all these things floating around i know… haha. thanks for the insight.

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