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A Building Called “Evita”

What goes on in that building, Evita?

An anonymous woman sees her name up in lights.

It is the last thing I see from my high-rise every evening –

there is a secret industry
built on whispers
in my dreams.

Everyone knows that there are certain parties,
held so covertly that the guests never arrive.

And I know for certain that the shop called
“World of Furniture”
can only be so called
if the armchairs come alive.

Armed with my camera,
I am here to take a picture –
but all I can see is this building with a name.

Maybe I am standing,
or always sleeping upright;
either way I’m overcome
by the smell of her perfume.

Welcomed like a President
into the ugliest of factories,
she invites me over
like a chair from its own World.

Her perfume,
from the street below,
does wonders for the atmosphere

The cars are pleased to see her leave,
as are other things that go.

Automatons once invaded the ballroom –
when machines made room
for formal affairs.

Someone will slip up on somebody’s
pearl necklace,
– it’s no use waiting for golden cherubs to sing.

The windows are the many eyes of
a woman called “Evita”.

She will ring the doorbell,
And our eyes will let in dust.


My Books Are Infested With Silverfish



I’ve not been online with any regularity lately. I am accessing The Hare indirectly, from a secret connection behind the bookshelf of a public library. You too can contact The Hare if you look hard enough for these Portals, or you could just email me.

I am about ready to “hang up my books, swallow the key, and throw away the towel”, as it were.

The Universal Library has books, full of not words but pictures. Nobody quite agrees  what the pictures are of – somebody’s brutalised Mother? two Sodomites in a Doomed Embrace? An Open Cage? 0r a Bird?

  • Do I know why?

Such is the nature of the puzzle of the enigma of The Universe, my Darlings! of which your life – with all this crazy gift of Time – is but a very silly part! So drink up! I would promise to never forget you, but you know I will, Children!

  • “Time is Not Money, Time is the Absence of Money.”

Willem Dafoe in the film “Faraway, So Close!” said that.

So Live Timelessly, kids. I’m counting on you.

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About Ghosts

The unfinished business of far-away villagers resonates with me, now more than ever.

“Things have a life of their own,” the gypsy proclaimed with a harsh accent. “It’s simply a matter of waking up their soul.” – Gabriel Garcia Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

Bowl of oatmeal tried to stare me down, and won. It was 12 o’clock before I realised I was having no fun. ” – John Prine, Illegal Smile

Cover up the mirrors or something. The room will just have to look less spacious for a while.


Peter’s Dream – Eating All Is OK Now

(A response to an acctual google search that brought up this site)

Dear Anonymous Google Searcher,

Why of course…in these heady consumerist days where you can buy something for a penny, or a pictorial of it for tuppence, sure; “eating all is OK”. Who’s going to stop you? it sure as hell isn’t going to be the baker or the cook. But it’s a well known fact that some people believe that being photographed is a danger to one’s soul, and that, paradoxically, gluttony is a surefire way to disappear.

Possibly unrelated note: read Marlon Brando’s interviews. The brightest fireworks always shed a tear.

The Hare sometimes finds dimension-hopping a source of much fustration. As Caesar once said, there have been Empires built on bubbles, ready to pop. “The whole of Japan is a pure invention,” said Oscar Wilde, who should have known, since he was a marvel of pure clockwork himself.

“The Cinematograph is but a passing phase!”, said The Hare.

  • If you find something real, here or elsewhere, holler like your life depended on it. Grip it as tightly as a baby in the arms of a sailor.

– Peter Out.