Join us in celebration of the receipt of our first “Cease and Desist” order! (see comments)

Peace-loving creatures we are, so the film clip that was here is no longer. Oh well. If it were here, the following piece would makes sense. you’re just gonna have to trust me on that one.

oh, time.

Io vivo per il cinema:


The Hare woke me up screaming one morning, saying he was going to “EXPLODE!” and, like some dreadfully uncouf terror with a bad hare day and a lunatic fringe, take the World with him.

“Chillaaax” I replied, “My dear Hare, I rather like the chair upon which I’m sitting, and there’s a documentary on Naked Witchcraft on National Geographic, commencing presently. If this room gets you down – you’re wearing gloves – hop into another. You’re The Hare! You can be anywhere! Perhaps it might serve you best not to destroy the things that irk you so, but rather to render them liquid, partially visable. Alfred takes his chair with him wherever he goes, and always has a cosy seat. I suggest you stop watching Woody Allen movies, drink or smoke some Tranquility Tea, cuddle up to Hendrix the cat, keep in touch with Maggie, Rita, and your other more evenly-tempered anarchist friends ….take this cushion, sit on the grass. You were good at marbles when you were a little Hare. Think about winning at marbles. Think about how the marbles are the stars.”

“No, they are not”, he replied

“Well, for the sake of getting you to drop those plastic explosives, they are. Come watch this movie with me. A guy on Youtube describes it as “Anti-American Cinematic Masturbation”! You love masturbation – American or otherwise! Personally, I don’t see the sense in being pro or anti any piece of soil, wherever it is located. But SIT!”

We then watched things Blow Up, in Pink Floydian Peace.



  1. Sir,

    We inform you that we are holders of the rights of the film “zabriskie point” of Michelangelo Antonioni.
    You are running currently on the film “youtube” without our permission. You are therefore in the illegality.
    We ask you, starting today, stop the dissemination of this extract under penalty of prosecution.


    Nous vous informons que nous sommes détenteurs des droits du film “zabriskie point” de Michelangelo Antonioni.
    Vous diffusez actuellement le film sur “youtube”sans notre autorisation. Vous êtes par conséquent dans l’illégalité.
    Nous vous demandons, à dater d’aujourd’hui, d’arréter la diffusion de cet extrait sous peine de poursuites judiciaires.

    171 quai de Valmy
    75010 Paris

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