Dream a little.
Knock on wood.
Returning home
from the puppet show.
Each marionette looked like someone we knew;
we got spooked out by the foliage.

I could use you as a broom,
if you were a tree branch
and not a person.

To sweep away the messy crockery –
that smashed teacup,
in surprise.

Sleep awhile, you’ll wake with energy
to gaze upon the
feint red birds.

The show is over,
still the punters
proceed to hum,
and swallow coins.

The wind blows slow
upon the audience.
Some of them request refunds.

While others could do
without their riches…

”…and all their loneliness!”

– you and I.

7 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. this is great. very tight. First time through I mainly noticed the language. You’ve got some beutiful bits feint red birds…and images of people being swept like brooms. On the second reading I got that there was much more going on-and it had quite an emotional punch for me. There was quite a sense of you in it-that seemed to be brought out more at the end? But in any case I loved the personal ‘I’ off to a puppet show and the pictures that that threw up. Also like how may or may not be a literal puppet show. Could call it ‘Puppet Show’ but that would tie it down and is perhaps a bit obvious…’or Puppets’? Maybe ‘Sleep a while’? Not sure. It’s really great though. You should send it somewhere. I’m sending some work to ‘Coffee House’ at the suggestion of a friend-maybe you should send this and others?


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