nikt ne jest doskonaty


Things are afoot here at the Academy. Studying long-faced, late, and hard for the Accreditation of Fire and Sleep, I have had precious little sleep…

My thesis is on the moveabiliy of objects through space-time, basically it’s about the cultural and ideological implications of movement, stretching way back to when Mr. S. Caveman prototyped the Square Wheel, to the Virtual Realisms of today. And “Magic” plays a substantial part of course – ritual incantations, Aboriginal Dream Time, the Marxist Appropriation of Ouiji Boards – but I don’t care what Mr. Potter tells you – studying magic? with these squares? HA! They couldn’t call upon Baron Samedi for a hot dog. (oooh, am I safe? I only said it once, I’m gonna die anyway.)

The Hare is wearing a t-shirt…whos that revolutionary guy…Che Guava? Does he even know who he is? Does he even know who he was, cos it seems maybe that with all politicians they start out all Incensce and Peppermints and end up doing some bad things. I dunno. The Hare should research. Either way, we will need some coffee as usual.

I’ll see myself when I’m dead, Baron. Maybe then I’ll have some work done. Wait that’s twice. Oh fuck, one to go. I better not play “Street Fighter” ever again, damn you, Capcom.  You know that Columbine Massacre, that was because of videogames. Videogames like this one. You’re playing it now. Press “Back” on your browser to leave this place and never return.

Where is my coffee? Sweet, Sweet Hot Coffee. Breakfast. Absinthe. Feeding the cat.

I want a cat, a cat here would be just perfect. A good friend and servent, easier then the Hare, less inbuilt bugbears and annoyances. And last night, with the green fairy – an invisible cat, a Japanese Geisha in my dreams. I’ll read you some Basho, if you promise to love me – we’ll drink Sake, I don’t care what time of the day it is. Or what about France – to act Japanese in France, that would be Heaven.

“Heaven, heaven is a place where nothing never happens.” (Talking Heads, Heaven)

Basically this has all been a morning kids cartoon – an anime, perhaps. A bad one where they pan over a still image all the time. you didn’t have to listen, but if you did…well…you did.  I have had precious little sleep…

¡El amanecer de la magia comienza con la muerte de la educación!


“The Dawn of Magic Begins With The Death of Education!(perhaps)”


6 thoughts on “nikt ne jest doskonaty

  1. ah peter,
    i hope you write your thesis in this same mad=cat-cappish way.
    as an aside:
    aside. there is a blog, or is it a website? that i found which made me think of you…same vein of huomour kinda (not really, but why it made me think of you…)so i wanted to share it with you, i have the link on my blog now…so if this doesn’t connect you its because i got it wrong: it is:
    i think. i should have wrote it down before blah blahing all about it.

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