Four People, Judged By The Company They Run.

René, Maggie, Rita and Peter,
after the war, when the economy was weaker,
shared a bond that was a matter of business;

They met up for lattes
and were never late to meetings.

With notes in one hand,
a portfolio in the other,
Peter said
“look at these!”
and the others chewed them over.

The first meeting clocked in at 2 minutes 23,
and then the clocks melted,
and they slept between sentences.

“I’m most distressed!”
said René to Peter.
“Does Maggie agree?”
“I think not”, said Rita.

And each person then became
their own minute-taker;
opinions differed often,
sometimes grossly,
often greater.

“I’m against anything which may hurt or injure.”

“I’m all for it, Maggie,
for I despise children!”

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