An Old Country for No Hands (“Moulty” by The Barbarians)

Hey, kids. You probably feel pretty damn complete, or perhaps don’t, in which case I am sad for you. Lets see what we can do about it.


When the Hare and I chanced upon the fabled lost city of Limm, whose inhabitants were all missing one or more limbs, hands or feet, and wore dazzlingly crafted prosthesis with pride – wooden, plastic, silver and gold…- we met one Victor “Moulty” Moulton, a virtuoso, a drummer like no other, who clawed us over to speak.

He spake unto us; “we are Barbarians…we have a PR Department, of course. but They will not take heed of what is Happening. I understand you, Mr. Peter/Dr. Hare, have considerable truck with the Mainstream Media.”


We gave Victor our word, and our word was “Yes”. He said “y’dig?” and we said we digged. The finest claw-handed drummer in rock history probably also said something about how it was OK to post an mp3, for the sake of the cause. Probably. We were half-gone by then.

Download – “Moulty” by The Barbarians.


For perusal purposes only, etc. Buy it for real, ‘cos real things are nice, you Postmodern Hussy. It’s on the compilation Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968,which is as real as psychedelia gets I suppose. You can touch it, which is weird.  You might know it, a lot of people own it already. Those people need not download this song, which goes without saying, so I’m not going to say it. It’s also on the Barbarians compilation Are You A Boy or A Girl?

The song won’t be here for long, because songs come and go when they please around here.

Buy it. Support independent retailers and local farmers. Amazon is good too.  



8 thoughts on “An Old Country for No Hands (“Moulty” by The Barbarians)

  1. Thanks for that, Peter. I’ll check it out. I’ll say your name again. Peter, Peter, PETER. It’s so nice to have another Peter around here, Peter. Other names arn’t nearly as satisfying to say.

    1. Heres a flash back for you. My dad Clem ran the BarbraLee II in Ptown “just a few years back” and you were a mate aboard. Came across Avis Johnson’s photos and figured I’d say hi.


  2. Hehe, thanks Moulty, your song was really big with me, as a music lover and possibly as a disabled person or whatever, and it sparked this kinda absurd little tribute, which I’m glad you liked. With “Are You a Boy or A Girl?” also, The Barbarians seems like music for those whose voices are not often sung, etc. so thanks.


  3. Pete,

    Keep up the good stuff.
    Nice hearing back from you again.
    Yes , I like your little tribute. [not at all absurd]


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