A Film That Wants You To Watch It Today


Dear P.A.T.H User,

Our records show that you have bought, watched, rented and enjoyed the following films:

“Thomoose Schmilby Goes to School”

“The Rat and the Matador”

“Taxi Passenger”

“I Was a Teenage Atom Bomb”

“A Lady of Some Description”

“Air Code: Team One!”

We would like to recommend this, which is also a film but its better because it actually exists. And how!

 “The Science of Sleep” or (The) Science des Rêves, La

…is on DVD now. This is the Hare’s favourite “non-specialist” film. And I rather like it too. Therefore we request that you come over all Capatalist (temporarily of course)  and buy the DVD, to thank The Warner Brothers for doing something good since Animaniacs.

Do as we say. You will still get hurt, you understand, but we’ll be happy, and thats what matters in these kind of high-tension scenarios.


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