Letter to Daisy During Wartime

I feel that I must thank you, cow,
for this milk I will drink later on.

And though you may not understand,
your baritone moo drowns out the bombs.

Milk helps me sleep
when the neighbours are crying,
it’s okay cold
when the electricity is out.

From a distance you are meat
on cocktail stick legs.

And I’m much too tired
to look like anything at all.

I need a home I can safely inhabit.
we are just about breathing,
under military stars.

You lie down
as if rain is coming.
I lie down,
expecting rain to come.

And while sons and daughters
die like strangers,
I’ll warm my hands
against your meat and bone.

And while we all
recoil strangely
sweet milk to drink
which knocks me out cold.


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