There are some things I am scared to research on the internet. There are the obvious ‘forbidden mysteries’ (curiousity is seldom rewarded with understanding). And then there are silverfish. What are they? All my mother said – when I spotted them for the first time around the fire in the livingroom – is that they like to gather in warm places. Do they like to do this as much as, say, humans like to eat? Do they eat? What do they eat? One cannot survive on warmth alone…surely? Perhaps not. I’ve never tried it.

I’ve never tried to open the box. I have a box of silverfish. If I tipped them out they would wriggle in my hand, most curiously. Some would fall through my fingers onto the cold ground. Cold hands, warm heart?

This reminds me of a girl, unsuprisingly. Her heart was so infested with silverfish that it stopped working, and she died in a cold place. I asked if I could keep the heart in a box – regulations prohibit it but I did anyway.

I’ld like to post a picture here but I can’t muster the courage.

She shouldn’t have spent so long near the stove.


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