Trailer for “Essayette”, Directed by Beatriz Martinez-Gatell.


And when we find this garden,
kings and queens will live by osmosis,
as long as we keep our eyes upon them,
they will exist or turn us to stone.

Come, children,
out of the wardrobe,
where we can all see and hear you,
your dreams and nightmares
are as sweet as anything.

Drink this potion
to grow small.


2 thoughts on “Trailer for “Essayette”, Directed by Beatriz Martinez-Gatell.

  1. looks entrancing, beautiful choice of music with a modern touch. Cant feel the story but am drawn by the actress and the child. Must know more.

  2. It’s not mine but yeah it looks good. sorry I always get this confusion somehow. In this case I don’t mind it; I wish this film were mine. But just for future reference – cos this is happened before – I’m peter, and usually when I post something from youtube it’s not mine – I’m a budding filmmaker, but you’ll have to wait for Peter and The Hare: The Movie (trust me thats a very real pipe dream of mine. I’d like to work with an animator on something which would no doubt be not unlike the content of this site, perhaps I should tone down my ambitions in the meantime…)

    But yeah the poem is mine, the video isn’t, annoyingly. I just felt compelled to write something “inspired” by the clip – a little spontaneous thing – and to hide it on the end of the post for you to “find”. I guess that’s what’s causing the confusing. Sorry I get carried away and don’t think of practicalities like that. I came across this on facebook – there’s a delightful group on there called “there are 3 victorian girls living in my back garden…seriously!” I assume it was set up by the filmmakers, so you might wanna go there for more info beyond the site link in the post.

    If the director is reading this, your film looks excellent, and please direct a script for me sometime hehe. This is less “networking” than outright BEGGING. hehe.

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