“The Piano” by Aidan Gibbons


10 thoughts on ““The Piano” by Aidan Gibbons

  1. Er…it’s not mine. This was intended as a tribute to some great artist out there who did this beautiful thing. Sorry I maybe should have made that more clear… but yes it bought me to tears too. I really wanna know who did it.

  2. yeah unfortunatly I can’t watch it again atm, I’m at a different house that only has a 56K dial-up connection…

    BTW, for all those of you fed up with the recent Hare drought, expect a longer post soonish. 10 past half of soon.

  3. Thanks, Anita, that little rectangle of pixels means a suprising lot to me. I would have thought that this blog at the moment would win the “Most Erratic Update Schedule” award, or perhaps the “Forgetting to Put Credits on Things Lifted From Youtube” award. but this is just as good.

  4. Wellll….someone gave me a ” What the Hell ” award- as in, ” What the Hell was that? ” and I thought it was cool but it didn’t come with a picture.

    You should hand out some awards too Peter- your comments would a riot to read- or you could do poems or snag some YouTube things to give away as prizes.

    Go get’em Peter.

  5. “What The Hell” hehe, you should be pleased with that, your site is suitably hellish, in the best possible way. Here it’s more burning-hellfire syrup mixed with soft marshmallow raindrops of heaven, served by a sweaty man who puts his used chewinggum on the side of your plate.

  6. Ha!

    Sure this place is all sweetness and light…surreee it is- Mr “Stick’s His Chewing Gum where other people are goint to get their fingers stuck in the Goo”

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