Day 4

The MODERNA MUSEET, their collection is a veritable Who’s-a-Who of modern/contemporary art, Warhol, Duchamp, Mattisse…it’s all there. And online, too. This doesn’t particularly help you if you do not particularly care about Who’s-a-Who ín  modern/contemporary art, but that’s a tired debate that this tired person does not want to engage in right now.

Coming out from the museum, which I spent a good few hours in, some hours less regretable than others, I’m confronted with an expanse of water, and i’ts like a harbour, and just across the water you can see the bustlesomeness of Stockholm city centre, but here it’s unfathomably peaceful. Waking around a bit I dee in the distance an abandoned funfair rollercoaster. And it’s  odd. literarally all you can hear are seagulls.


Source: Nils von Dardel


They make a really nice sandwich. I like it when they do the sub of the day, but whenever I go it seems to be meatball. I had a meatball sandwhich today, but it was better than how Subway does it, much less intense. It had this mayonaisse mixed with beetroot it was nice. Try that next time the grandkids come over. Is this interesting? Are you my Target Audience?

Subway Art

If not, please leave.


Some swedish person thought he knew me, but he coldn’t have because I’m English and he’s Swedish.

A crazy person came up to me sticking his hand out, and I went to shake his hand and he ran away screaming.

What fun!



3 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. today i was in downtown montreal standing in a vacant lot next to the sidewalk holding my dream and it was sunny and there was a slight breeze and i closed my eyes and i heard the seagulls and it reminded me of my childhood growing up on vancouver island.
    (run-on sentence)

  2. yeah unfortunately this is the only decent sized pic i could find and it’s not really as good as the ones i saw at the gallery… if you come across some better pics keep me informed

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