Day 3 – More Red Horses by the Minute

It is Good to learn about Other Cultures because they are inherantly better than your own. In the spirit of Learning, and wrenching open your mind with a crowbar, here is a Traditional Swedish Horse, or “Dalahäst”.

Hello, Swedish Horse.

A “Dala Horse”  is a trusty friend and worker who can pull great loads of timber from the forests during the winter months, and in the summer can be of just as much use on the farm.

Strawberry Cider Forever

Source: Max the Rabbit

You can not get drunk in Sweden – most stuff is 3.5 vol. and all achohol is taxed to the hilt, which rules out any “Witnail Eriksen and I” highjinks. But if like me you prefer the juicier side of your liquid life the Rekordelig Strawberry Cider is Valhalla. 

I keep seeing this poster everywhere, because I have a crush on Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Not really able-slash-not particularly arsed to go through everything we did today. Saw a lot of beautiful old, brightly coloured buildings, and statues of things one doesn’t often see statues of. Record shopping in Sweden is awesome. Top 40 hits and mesmerising obscurities are stocked side by side. It’s dizzying. Matt got “Pink Flamingoes” a DVD that is unavailable from wence we hail. Matt is perhaps…let’s say..a racoon. I don’t know why. Who’s The Hare?


4 thoughts on “Day 3 – More Red Horses by the Minute

  1. Oh good, I’ve caught up. I hate it when I fall behind on the Hare’s adventures. Sweden huh? Man Europe’s pretty neat- you can just hop over to another country. The best I can do is hope over to Oregon, not quite as exciting. But this Thursday I’m going to Hawaii, it will be my first time, I’m going to be a maid of honor in a very dear old friends wedding. That should be exciting, better than Oregon at least.

    Your grammar and spelling has suffered with travel. I’m not judging, just noting.

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