Day 2 – The Neon Pekbibel

“How-do” from Svensk or whatever.

It’s sunday. A lot of things were closed but that stopped me not, went to the old town, which as you might guess is an old town.

Very commercial. lots of plästic “kräp”, but…old, yet new. You can’t really see here the kind of minimalist thing they do: something of a swedish aesthetic tradition so they’re good at making “nothing” look effortless. and have been for years.

It wasn’t snowing, though.


meh…it’s okay for robots. Shopping in Stockholm centre…bit like getting lost in Ikea.

Some of it’s cute but, y’know, stop trying. it’s pseudo-cute really. For cute, look to the japanese. Stylistic Conservativism maybe. this is why the japanese have pokemon while you have Pippi fecking Långstrump. Not cute. Plus, I don’t like things that inspire in me an unerving sexual response that i really shouldn’t really be experiencing.  There’s a lot of stuff like that over here. 




BENGT ELDER – An artist and one person-industry, which means he’s daringly unromantic, perhaps even criminally unhip, but still I’ll mention him here. God knows this blog is taking a slide anyway.

Hooray for nice cakes and good quality bread.




2 thoughts on “Day 2 – The Neon Pekbibel

  1. Sweden sounds like the South Park depiction of Canada. Then again I’m seeing a country through the eyes of a dedicated surrealist ;-).

    Your blog will never slide!!! It is a bastion of wit and informed subtlety.

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